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Local contacts for Union members. Find trade locals near you and the information you need to get started in a rewarding union carreer.

Directory of Apprenticeships

Union craftspeople learn their trade through state-of-the-art apprenticeship programs. In fact, there are no self-taught craftspeople in our ranks. Building Trades unions and their contractor partners operate over 30 joint apprenticeship training centers (JATCs) across Massachusetts, producing the most qualified craftspeople in the industry. Find an apprenticeship opportunity near you today.

By The Numbers

The Numbers are in! Check in on union statistics and find out valuable information about the locals in your community.

Local Building Trades Councils

Looking to connect for your next construction project or news story? Our Local Building Trades Councils proudly serve as public voices and legislative advocates on behalf of the union building trades men and women in their regions. Explore our map below or visit the Local Building Trades Councils page to learn more and get in touch.

Project Labor Agreements (PLA’s)

Building and construction trades workers are one of the hardest hit groups in the nation’s job crisis. Yet state lawmakers, backed by construction industry CEOs, want to cut the wages of those workers by eliminating prevailing wage laws and project labor agreements (PLAs) on public construction projects. Prevailing wage laws protect communities and workers from unscrupulous contractors’ low-balling bids on taxpayer-funded construction projects by setting wage rates to the local or prevailing standard.

Project Labor Agreements (PLA’s), which have been used for generations, are collective bargaining agreements between building trade unions and contractors. They govern terms and conditions of employment for all craft workers—union and nonunion—on a construction project. They protect taxpayers by eliminating costly delays due to labor conflicts or shortages of skilled workers.

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Learn about union events and how to take action to improve the lives of union workers in your community.


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Read articles and keep up with building trades’ causes across the nation.

Massachusetts Legislative Updates

Keep up with important legislature and changes relevant to your union.


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