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Americans want unions, it’s companies that don’t


In a recent column, Jeff Jacoby claims that Americans don’t want to join labor unions despite a 71 percent approval rating, a nearly 60-year high. Let’s be real: More workers aren’t in a union because corporations and right-wing politicians fight so hard against unionization. Employers are charged with breaking the law in more than 40 percent of all union elections. How many workers would be unionized today if they had free and fair elections?

Workers deserve a union, and the 75,000 union building tradespeople in the Commonwealth agree. Massachusetts unions are creating life-changing opportunities for all workers, welcoming more women and people of color into their ranks, and offering paid training, family-sustaining wages, top-quality health insurance benefits, and secure retirement.

Jacoby has it wrong. Higher wages, better benefits, and safer working conditions are needed. Workers know a union contract is the best way to achieve that. President Biden and Vice President Harris have it right. Unions built the middle class, and Americans are better off when unions are strong.


Frank Callahan


Massachusetts Building Trades Unions


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