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Vote for Your Union on Tuesday, November 3

This election season, we need to vote for leaders who’ll stand with us and keep our Unions strong.

The federal election is quickly coming up on Tuesday, November 3 — and union construction workers across the state are standing together to elect candidates who will keep our job sites safe, protect our benefits, and stand with working families.

Are you ready to do your part? We’ve got all the details you need to make your voice count at the ballot box.


We’re proud to support true labor champions who will fight for us from Massachusetts to Washington, D.C.

Our candidates support:

  • Industry-leading training for all workers
  • Safe job sites across New England
  • Basic, fair contractor standards
  • Level playing field for union contractors

Check out our list of supported candidates below. Note that if you don’t see your district, there is no candidate recommendation.


Representative in Congress

U.S. Senate: Ed Markey

First District: Richard Neal (D)
Second District: Jim McGovern (D)
Third District: Lori Trahan (D)
Fourth District: Jake Auchincloss (D)
Fifth District: Katherine Clark (D)
Sixth District: Seth Moulton (D)
Seventh District: Ayanna Pressley (D)
Eighth District: Stephen Lynch (D)
Ninth District: Bill Keating (D)

Senator in General Court (State Senate)

Second Hampden and Hampshire: John Velis (D)
Second Middlesex: Pat Jehlen (D)
Norfolk and Plymouth: John Keenan (D)
Norfolk, Bristol, and Middlesex: Rebecca Rausch (D)
Norfolk, Bristol, and Plymouth: Walter Timilty (D)
Second Plymouth and Bristol: Mike Brady (D)
Plymouth and Barnstable: Susan Moran (D)
Plymouth and Norfolk: Patrick O’Connor (R)
First Suffolk: Nick Collins (D)
Worcester and Middlesex: John Cronin (D)
Worcester, Hampden, and Hampshire: Anne Gobi (D)
Worcester and Norfolk: Christine Crean (D)

Representative in General Court (State Representative)

Fifth Barnstable: Jim Dever (D)
First Bristol: Brendan Roche (D)
Third Bristol: Carol Doherty (D)
Eighth Bristol: Paul Schmid (D)
Fourteenth Bristol: Adam Scanlon (D)
First Essex: Amber Hewett (D)
Second Essex: Christina Eckert (D)
Sixth Essex: Jerald Parisella (D)
Thirteenth Essex: Sally Kerans (D)
Eighteenth Essex: Tram Nguyen (D)
Second Franklin: Will LaRose (D)
Third Hampden: Kerri O’Connor (D)
Fourth Hampden: Matt Garlo (D)
Seventh Hampden: Jacob Oliveira (D)
Ninth Hampden: Orlando Ramos (D)
Eleventh Hampden: Bud Williams (D)
First Middlesex: Deb Busser (D)
Fourth Middlesex: Danielle Gregoire (D)
Fifth Middlesex: David Linsky (D)
Ninth Middlesex: Thomas Stanley (D)
Tenth Middlesex: John Lawn (D)
Thirteenth Middlesex: Carmine Gentile (D)
Seventeenth Middlesex: Vanna Howard (D)
Nineteenth Middlesex: David Robertson (D)
Twenty-Second Middlesex: Teresa English (D)
Twenty-Fourth Middlesex: Dave Rogers (D)
Twenty-Seventh Middlesex: Erika Uyterhoeven (D)
Thirty-First Middlesex: Mike Day (D)
Thirty-Fourth Middlesex: Christine Barber (D)
Thirty-Fifth Middlesex: Paul Donato (D)
Thirty-Seventh Middlesex: Dan Sena (D)
Fourth Norfolk: James Murphy (D)
Fifth Norfolk: Mark Cusack (D)
Sixth Norfolk: William Galvin (D)
Eighth Norfolk: Ted Philips (D)
Ninth Norfolk: Brian Hamlin (D)
Twelfth Norfolk: John Rogers (D)
Third Plymouth: Joan Meschino (D)
Fourth Plymouth: Patrick Kearney (D)
Fifth Plymouth: Emmanuel Dockter (D)
Sixth Plymouth: Josh Cutler (D)
Tenth Plymouth: Michelle DuBois (D)
Twelfth Plymouth: Kathy LaNatra (D)
Second Suffolk: Dan Ryan (D)
Fourteenth Suffolk: Rob Consalvo (D)
Seventeenth Suffolk: Kevin Honan (D)
Third Worcester: Michael Kushmerek (D)
Fourth Worcester: Natalie Higgins (D)
Fifth Worcester: Samuel Biagetti (D)
Twelfth Worcester: Meghan Kilcoyne (D)

If you’re interested in other union endorsements, please check out the AFL-CIO endorsement guide.


  • Saturday, October 17: MA Federal Primary Early Voting Begins
  • Saturday, October 24: Deadline to Register to Vote in Federal Election
  • Wednesday, October 28, 5 PM: Deadline to Submit Mail-In Ballot Application for Federal Election (Postmarked)
  • Friday, October 30: MA Federal Election Early Voting Ends
  • Monday, November 2, 12 PM: Deadline to Turn In Completed Mail-in Ballot for Federal Election
  • Tuesday, November 3: Federal Election


Step #1: Are you registered to vote?

Check whether you’re registered to vote by clicking here and typing in your information.


The deadline to register to vote in the general election is October 24. It’s easy and quick to register online or by mail.

Register online (must have ID):

Mail in your registration form:

Step #2: Vote By Mail or Vote In Person

Now that you’re registered to vote, you can decide how you want to vote…


This year, Massachusetts is making voting easier than ever with a new mail-in option — so you can cast your ballot right from home.

If you register to vote before mid-September, you will automatically receive your mail-in ballot application in the mail. If you weren’t previously registered or didn’t receive one, download it online. Just fill out the application and mail it in before October 28 to receive your mail-in ballot.

Here’s how:

1. Didn’t receive your application? Download one here, and print it out.

2. Fill out your application:

  • Include your voter information and party affiliation
  • You can request both your primary and general ballots from the same application

3. Sign and date your name

4. Mail it or hand deliver it to your local city or town hall. To ensure your ballot gets counted in time, mail in your application at least 4 business days before the election (that’s October 28, for the general). Not sure where to find your local city or town hall? Get the address by finding your city here.

5. Your ballot will be mailed to you after your application is submitted. Once you receive it, all you’ll have to do is fill out your ballot to support union champions, and then put it back in the mail. PLEASE NOTE: Your mail-in ballot must be postmarked by election day to be counted. That’s Tuesday, November 3 for the General Election.

And that’s it! You’ve voted to help protect our unions and support working families. Thank you for doing your part.

To review our voter guide of union champions, click here.

If you’d prefer to vote in-person, just scroll down.


Due to the continued risks posed by COVID-19, we recommend voting by mail. It’s safe and easy, and you can do it right from home. To follow our step-by-step guide to vote by mail, just click here.

To vote in person, head over to your polling place during their open hours on election day, fill out your ballot, and hand it in. To find your local polling place, just enter your address here.

You can also vote early in-person. Check this list of early voting dates, times, and locations here up to one week before early voting begins.

You may vote in-person early or on election day on the following dates:

  • Early voting for the general election: October 17 – October 30
  • General Election: November 3

And that’s it! Once you cast your vote early or on election day, you’ll have helped protect our unions and support working families. Thank you for doing your part.

To review our voter guide of union champions, click here.

If you’d prefer to vote by mail, click here.

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